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Before I tell you what I am up to, let’s first answer a few questions you might have.

If you’re wondering who the heck is Biswajeet? And what’s the deal with Honingbird?

Then, here’s a brief intro of me and my baby (Honingbird):


Sounds cheesy… I know but,

“let’s face it, your ideas are your children. Their future is as tender and delicate as that of any newborn.” – Jonathan Morrow.

Couldn’t agree more, Honingbird is indeed my baby and I sure plan to cherish it as one.

Anyways, my name is Biswajeet Das.

I often possess an introvert personality, yet sometimes I do surprise myself by going out of my comfort zone and do crazy stuff (only a few have seen it).

When I am offline, I like to enjoy nature, spend time with my friends & family, I like to sing and most importantly I love to motivate people to live a tension free life.

I stay in Mumbai and it’s been more than 6 years since I moved here.

Initially, I have worked in the tech industry and after working for more than 2 years in that field; I suddenly got bored and didn’t want to continue anymore.

I started my career in the year 2012. Since then, I have worked with many companies; starting from small Startups to MNCs.

I left some of them, some left me but eventually, I realized I can’t be in that industry forever as I was not happy there at all.

So, I took a break from corporate life. I went home for a couple of months and thought it through, what exactly I wanted to do in life?

Then one day it struck me;

“I have done BBA and I am very good at technical stuff and I mostly spend my time online, so what if I could combine them all and make a career out of it; that would be perfect for me.”

So, I started to go through job profiles that are similar to my interest. At that time I had heard a lot about SEO but didn’t know what it is and I had no idea what digital marketing is all about.

I kept on digging and gathered enough information about online marketing and finally made my decision, “I want to work in this field.” Marketing was my favorite subject in BBA and I love spending time on the internet; so it’s a perfect match.

So, I came back to Mumbai and started to look for a job in digital marketing, but no luck at all.

I went for a few job interviews and when the interviewer asks me about SEO or digital marketing, I couldn’t say anything beyond the basic definitions. And apparently, that wasn’t enough for them.

I realized I have to learn more about these before I look for a job.

Now if you go to any Online Marketer asking how to learn online marketing? 99% of them would suggest you learn and practically apply whatever you’re learning into work.”

So, I started a blog and whatever I learn, I implement it there.

Although, I couldn’t sustain the blog for long and it collapsed. But the good thing that happened is I had learned many things about SEO and digital marketing while working on that blog.

I spent like, 3 months with the blog and after that, I started to look for a job again, which was my ultimate goal anyway; I wanted to gain some professional experience.

And finally, after a month or so, I got a job as an SEO executive in a startup. But I couldn’t get along with the boss and also there was no scope for learning. So, as soon as I had the chance I ran away from that company.

So again, back to square one; I started to look for a job again. However this time I didn’t have to wait for long. Within a week I got a job in a startup, again.

And now it’s been around 2 years I am working with that same company.

Sticking with the company for this long was a big decision for me, but I am happy that it turned out to be a good run.

I have learned many things about digital marketing, tried different tools, kind of have understood Facebook marketing inside out, got appreciated by clients for running good PPC campaigns for them on Facebook as well as on Google.

And as a bonus I have advanced my skills in WordPress; now I can design a WordPress site without any issue.

That being said, I am not good at coding, but I do understand the basic HTML and CSS to finish my work without any hiccup.

So, that was me as a professional.

But on my personal ground, I am getting this feeling lately that I have not contributed anything to the society or to the world. That makes me feel sad, and I don’t like it.

Now, being an introvert it is hard for me to just go out there and start to do something for the society.

Then I realized, maybe I am not good offline but I literally have been living in the online world for years straight.

So, why not do something online that gives me the same feeling of contributing.

I have been putting this project (that I had in mind) behind for a long time now. I wanted to start a blog almost when I started working in the online industry but couldn’t make it happen yet. I even had bought a domain called, and it is still just parked in.

I was held up too much with my full-time job and one other project that I was working on to make some extra money (to be precise 13,000 a month).

But, I am realizing now if I don’t take action now then I might never.

So, I am determined this time to do it now. I am going to start that blog today only.

I am really hoping to help at least a few people to get their dreams to turn into reality, to get a few people inspired.

So, here’s the big plan:

I will publish every Thursday (Mostly):

From today onwards, I am going to publish one blog post every Week, mostly on Thursday. So that means, I will be writing 4-5 blog posts every month.

I know, the circumstances might not always go by my will, still, I will make sure I publish at least 2-3 posts every month.

It is going to be challenging for me as I am going to be at work most of the time.

But I am willing to accept the challenge. Besides, that’s the beauty of challenging yourself, each time I publish a post I will be fulfilling my soul a bit.

I will quit my full-time job:

Anytime soon I am planning to leave my job, I will be taking my blog as a full-time work once I have quit my day job.

Sounds silly I know, coz this is my first blog post and I am already talking about a future no one has seen it yet. And I have no freaking idea if I will be even consistent with my writing till then.

But I do know one thing very badly, I am just not meant for a 9-5 job. I can tell that from my past experiences.

So, even if I get off track for a moment, I know I will be back on track again; that I am very confident.

So, you just stick around with me, we are going to do awesome things in the days to come.

No monetary goals in the head:

I have decided to keep no monetary goals in my head, for now.

Initially, well to be precise for the first year I am not going to monetize the blog at all. I have savings to burn till then (if I quit my job in between). But as of now, I have my current job to keep some money coming.

So, my focus is always going to be on creating content that benefits you.

Topics I will be covering:

The topics I will be writing on are no doubt going to be about Blogging, Online Marketing and How to Make Money Online.

But apart from that, I will be writing some personal stories as well, hopefully, it will inspire you.

My target audience:

Now, if you’re wondering who would be my target audience for the blog?

Then, this blog is for you:

  • If you are planning to start a blog and make money from it.
  • If you are new to digital marketing and want to learn more about it.
  • If you want to quit your job & become your own boss someday.
  • And last but not least, if you already have a blog but struggling to get traffic to it.

That’s it!  that is the plan for 2017

Now you might be thinking, “this guy is insane”, coz I have just shared something that most people would keep it to themselves and wait for the perfect time to let it out.

I am just being transparent, I guess 🙂

And actually, there is one logical reason behind this too and that is “I don’t believe myself”; that’s right.

If you look up the Whois details of, you would know this domain was bought almost 2 years ago and I didn’t take any action besides buying it.

And I am publishing my first post today (06/04/2017) and that too on a different domain Because Honingbird sounded so appealing to me that, I decided to go with it instead.

I know, I said I was busy with some other stuff, and that is true but yet I believe I have kept it aside for so long.

If I had really set my mind to it, I definitely would have done it long back, but instead, I made excuses.

To be honest, I was getting too lazy. I even made a promise to myself, but you know how it is? it’s easy to break a promise when there is no one to point it out that it’s wrong.

I didn’t have to answer anyone, which was the problem. So, I always say, I will do it tomorrow and that tomorrow never came, until now; now I am done procrastinating things, this time I really want to make this happen.

I could have just made another promise to myself in private and make myself believe that I will do it this time for sure. But, I don’t want to take that risk again, so this time I am making an open commitment to myself, keeping you as my witness.

Coz, I know if I break my promise this time again, I will not just be breaking a promise but I will be losing your hope in me. And I can never let that happen.

Coz, you’re important to me.

So, just pray for me that I don’t screw this up.

I will see you soon.


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